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Bientôt, cette page sera disponible en français (et peut-être un jour en français ET en anglais) I play a group called 'Titch Ka Ra ' in which we a re basically trying to keep alive traditionnal musics... It's a mix of Trad (north european, with also oriental and mid-oriental sounds) with jazz and more 'pop' feelings. We are now recording our first LP which should be available sometime around september 200 4.
I also try to run a personnal project of compositions of more "pop" music, which I hope get more experimental and innovating as I can. Should be re-started soon (now that I've finished this bloody phd) ;-)

I also sometimes go at tuesday night (around 9 pm) irish sessions at the Shannon Pub in Grenoble. Anyone can come and play along with us. There's a specific web page , made by one of the musicians.

The bands i like the most are (all styles) : Radiohead (The best ever)- The Boo Radleys - Rachel's - Portishead - Pulp - The Stone Roses - Cure - U2 - Massive Attack - The Beatles - Ben & Jason  - Belle & Sebastian - Sparklehorse - Genesis ( the old formation, basically The lamb lies down on broadway) - The Auteurs - Loreena McKennit -David Bowie - Ben Folds Five - Sigur Ros - Talvin Singh - Old Blind Dogs - Nusferat Fateh Ali Khan - Björk - Day One - Sparkleh orse - Neil Young - The The - Air - Lhasa - The third Eye Foundation - Afro Celts Sound System - Broadcast - Ganger - Altan - De La Soul - James - Rabih Abou Khalil - Dave Douglas - Blur - ...